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* Introducing The *
>Jurassic Kit!

Kids love dinosaurs! Which means our Jurassic Kit will make your next family occasion a hit with the younger crowd (even with the picky eaters).

Order one for your kitchen today! Makes a unique and thoughtful gift too!


At Shape-Its™, our mission is to provide families with products that make mealtime and special occasions more fun and memorable.

We got our start in 2002 when founder and owner, Michelle Welch, had the idea to create cook-top and oven-safe Food Shapers. It came to her one Saturday morning while she was free-handing pancake shapes on the griddle for her kids. Shape-Its™ now offers over 30 Food Shaper designs, and 8 themes of a one-of-a-kind product called the Play With Your Food! Kit. All are designed to make playing with your food a mother-sanctioned and memorable family tradition! We hope you enjoy the Shape-Its™ products - cause we sure do!  

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