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The Shape-Its Story

Michelle Welch always enjoyed making breakfast memorable for her children's Saturday morning pancake breakfasts. "Drawing shapes with pancake batter was lots of fun, but most of the time it was like finding shapes in the clouds," jokes Welch, "Everyone had to use their imaginations."

So, after a fruitless search for cute, reliable and safe pancake forms, this determined mom, with an entrepreneurial sprit, decided to create her own. She sketched her designs on paper, shaped strips of aluminum in her garage and then tested them on her kids' breakfasts. After much experimentation, she began working with metal-fabricating shops to make them by the hundreds.

"Shape-Its customers love the fun shapes and heavy-gauge aluminum, which releases pancakes with crisp edges every time," says Michelle, who notes that these food forms are not just for pancakes. "These forms are great for making giant cookies, marshmallow treats, cakes, pizzas and more. You can also use them to cut out play-dough and make die-cuts for scrapbooking."

"Shape-Its kits help busy parents to build memories and enhance family traditions," Welch says. "I believe that families who play together, stay together. And the kitchen table is one of the best and most accessible places for this to happen. I encourage all of our customers to gather their families and friends together and 'play with your food!'

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